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Victoria Croucher
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Victoria Croucher

Production Manager

1. How long have you been at COOK?

I started over four years ago as a Development Chef.

2. What was it about Cook that made you take that first job.

I always wanted to work here. When I was a Junior Development Chef for another company, l wanted to progress and l liked everything about COOK.

3. Describe your career journey at COOK.

I went from New Development Chef to Head of OPD. I then became Production Manager at the COOK Kitchen, and moved to the COOK Classics Kitchen a year later.

4. How has COOK helped you to grow your career?

There are so many opportunities! The door opens in places you don’t expect. It builds your confidence, people are supportive of you and they believe you can do more.

5. What challenges have you faced to be where you are today?

You are thrown in at the deep end a bit! But people believe in you. If you are out of your depth, you may have a little wobble, but then you are managing a lot of people!

6. What advice would you give to someone starting out at COOK?

Do it! It’s such a good company to work for, so many opportunities and progression. Be part of the family!

7. What’s your dream job at COOK?

To run my own site.

8. What do you think you could bring to the COOK party?

I love running. During the pandemic it was so great for my mental wellbeing. I would love to do a COOK couch to 5k!