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Romane Khelawan
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Romane Khelawan

Financial Accountant

1. How long have you been at COOK?

15 years. I started as a Accounts Assistant. I loved the relationships people had at work, the care, and the chilled working environment.

2. What was it about Cook that made you take that first job.

Honestly? I’d never heard of COOK before starting here!

3. Describe your career journey at COOK.

From Accounts Assistant to Financial Accountant … so I’ve always worked in Finance and went to junior to senior.

4. How has COOK helped you to grow your career?

Both with the opportunity and in funding my studies for me to be in the role I am in today.

5. What challenges have you faced to be where you are today?

When I was first promoted I definitely still need some guidance.

6. What advice would you give to someone starting out at COOK?

COOK’s a great company. You may not feel like there’s always opportunity, but if you’re hungry for it, the opportunity will be there.

7. What’s your dream job at COOK?

Maybe Financial Controller one day? Almost there!