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Ovidijus Barkaushas

Ovidijus Barkaushas
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Ovidijus Barkaushas

Health & Safety Manager

​1. How long have you been at COOK?

l joined in 2010 as a Packing Assistant, so over 13 years.

2. What was it about COOK that made you take that first job?

The people and the atmosphere, not corporate at all! It was actually my first job through an agency.

3. Describe your career journey at COOK?

From packing I went to Labelling Assistant, which wasn’t actually a huge difference. Then I then became a Technical Quality Auditor, then Senior Quality Auditor, then Health & Safety Co-ordinator, until where I am now: Health & Safety Manager.

4. How has COOK helped you to grow your career?

I joined the COOK Dream Academy while working in Labelling. My dream was to get a job with more responsibilities. I created a two-year development plan and I went on to do five different training courses. Learning and progressing all the way, and COOK really supported me. I am currently working towards my Health & Safety diploma.

5. What challenges have you faced?

There were some. My self-confidence wasn’t great and English is not my first language. I had to prove to myself and to others that l could do the job. All the studying was a challenge, too!

6. What advice would you give to someone starting out at COOK?

COOK is a company with a lot of opportunities. Think big, be open minded. Always think big.

7. What’s your dream job at Cook

I think l’m in it! There’s always new projects and improvements to work on.

8. What do you bring to the COOK Party?

Health & Safety can be quite black and white. I’m focusing on being more fun!